Online Therapy

What is online therapy and how does it work?
Online therapy is still a fairly new concept that is gaining traction quickly due to its convenience and reduced costs compared to traditional in-person therapy. Online, or virtual therapy, is similar to in-person therapy in that you will meet one-on-one with your licensed therapist in a private setting, except instead of going to an office you will participate in a video conference. Once your session is scheduled you will be emailed a link. When it’s time for your session you simply open the link on your webcam-enabled device (laptop, tablet or smartphone) and the video conference will begin!

How do I know if online therapy is a good fit for me?

Online therapy is a great resource for people who are limited in time, don’t have a therapist in their area, lack transportation, have limited mobility, or for those who would just feel more comfortable speaking to someone while being in their own home environment. There are a few cases that would not be an appropriate fit for online therapy due to safety issues. Give us a call for a free 15-minute consultation to see if online therapy would be a good fit for you!

Is my online therapy session still confidential?

Your session is completely confidential. We utilize a secure, HIPPA compliant video conferencing platform at all times and our session is conducted in a private setting. We suggest that you pick a spot where others cannot overhear you and you are not at risk of being interrupted during our session. If we’re alerted to another person entering your space during our session, we will immediately stop talking to protect your privacy.

How It Works

Online therapy is actually very easy! Here’s how it works:

Schedule Online Therapy Session

Schedule Session

First, you will schedule a session on a date and time that works for you.
Online Therapy Session Link

Receive Link

Once your session is scheduled, we will email you a link to our video conference.
Online Therapy Session

Begin Session

When it’s time for your session you open the link on your webcam-enabled device (laptop, tablet or smartphone) and the video conference will begin!

Contact Us

If you want to schedule an appointment or would like more information, contact us!

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