Our Core Values

Our core values are grounded in inclusion and equity, which understands that people with all identities and abilities in all bodies deserve equal access to quality mental health care. With these values in mind, we have intentionally cultivated a diverse staff of providers who are prepared to serve all individuals seeking therapy, in an environment where people feel welcomed, valued, and supported.

Inclusion is not the same as tolerance.

Being an inclusive practice is not about merely putting up with people who are different, but rather about fully accepting and appreciating others’ differences. For too long many have not felt welcomed in traditional therapy spaces. Some people have walked away from a session feeling that their experiences were minimized and invalidated. We aim to change this.

Through continued training, development and supervision, our group of therapists are given opportunities to examine biases, ask uncomfortable questions and participate in open discussions that empower them to go forth and provide culturally competent mental health care. This is how we create authentic safe spaces for our clients.

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